Monday, March 5, 2018

New Maps

Some recent maps

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Sample Scenarios from Movies and Literature

  1. The plans to a dangerous new weapon are stolen and come into the hands of the adventurers.  The plans must be brought to the rebels in order to defeat an oppressing regime.
  2. A magical creature shows up in the village and is defeated by the hero.  The village sage sends the hero on a quest to find out why the creature came.
  3. A group of adventurers sets out on a quest to restore their homeland from an ancient evil.
  4. The adventurer inherits a powerful artifact that must be destroyed by going on a dangerous quest.
  5. A former ally has turned evil and set up a fortress.  The adventurers are ordered to find him and defeat him.
  6. A hero must infiltrate a group of powerful enemies who are holding a group of hostages.
  7. A group of heroes must protect a village from an overwhelming force.
  8. The group is sent on a mission to explore a mysterious outpost.  When they do a dangerous monster is released.
  9. The adventurers are held as slaves and gladiators and must fight their way to freedom.
  10. A researcher creates a group of powerful creatures that escape their cages to terrorize the region.
  11. A hero is sent from the future back to the past to try and change the future.
  12. The adventurers must protect and save a benevolent monster from those who would do it harm.
  13. The adventurers find themselves in a mysterious world of magic and try to find their way home.
  14. The adventurers discover that history is being influenced by a group of mysterious beings and set out to find out more about it.
  15. A powerful artifact has been damaged and must be restored through a dangerous quest.
  16. An evil villain killed the adventurers family.  He was thought to be destroyed but is found to be still alive and regaining power.
  17. An innocent creature is prophesied to defeat the evil ruler.  The adventurers must save the innocent.
  18. A prophesy predicts that whoever obtains a certain artifact will become the new leader.  A member of the party obtains the artifact.  Those who want power plot against them.
  19. A hero goes on a dangerous mission to prove his love.
  20. A group of heroes discover that magical monsters are not actually evil and must prove it to the rest of the village.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Fantastic Maps Blog

Fantastic Maps
I really like this guy's maps.  He also has some tutorials on how to make a wide variety of maps using computer software techniques.

Dungeon Maps

A dungeon map using random graph paper.  Dyson cross hatching.  Added some bricks to this one.  This one was intended for three different types of creature.  Any guesses which ones?

Matty suggested I add a bridge with water.  I figured the dam and reservoir might be useful.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Bernie the Flumph

This guy has some cool maps too:

Bernie the Flumph

Old School Dungeon Map

Another old school dungeon map based on Dyson's style of mapping.

To create this map I made some specialty graph paper where I loaded a grid pattern into Photoshop and then made in image where copied the grid and rotated it at several different angles.  I then printed out the new graph paper and drew the dungeon map on that graph.  This is the same room sequence as my previous 27 room 3D dungeon, the rooms are just in different positions.

Below is an example of a random starting grid for mapping.

Here is another sheet with all same size grids but different angles: