Sunday, August 9, 2015

Fantastic Maps Blog

Fantastic Maps
I really like this guy's maps.  He also has some tutorials on how to make a wide variety of maps using computer software techniques.

Dungeon Maps

A dungeon map using random graph paper.  Dyson cross hatching.  Added some bricks to this one.  This one was intended for three different types of creature.  Any guesses which ones?

Matty suggested I add a bridge with water.  I figured the dam and reservoir might be useful.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Bernie the Flumph

This guy has some cool maps too:

Bernie the Flumph

Old School Dungeon Map

Another old school dungeon map based on Dyson's style of mapping.

To create this map I made some specialty graph paper where I loaded a grid pattern into Photoshop and then made in image where copied the grid and rotated it at several different angles.  I then printed out the new graph paper and drew the dungeon map on that graph.  This is the same room sequence as my previous 27 room 3D dungeon, the rooms are just in different positions.

Below is an example of a random starting grid for mapping.

Here is another sheet with all same size grids but different angles:

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Another New Dungeon Map

This one is done in a similar style to the last one.

New Dungeon Map

I wrote a new dungeon map inspired by some online mappers like Dyson's Dodecahedron.



Gnolls (1-9)

Gnoll hunting party consists of 2 rogue scouts, 2 fighter archers and 1 savage barbarian.

  1. Tunnel entrance.  2 gnoll guards.  If an enemy is spotted one will go inside to warn the others.
  2. Animal room.  1 gnoll beast-master ranger
  3. Guards.  4 gnoll guards
  4. Common room.  10 gnolls + young gnolls
  5. Chieftains room. 1 Flind, 2 gnoll pole-arm master body guards, 4 gnoll fighters
  6. Store room.  Gnoll shaman.  The passage leading west is blocked by stone.
  7. Prison.  Gnoll guard
  1. Bugbear prisoner
  2. Doppelgänger prisoner
  3. Dryad prisoner
  1. Weapon storage
  2. Giant Centipede.  The entrance to this tunnel is blocked by stone.  This is a strange tube like tunnel.  Close inspection may reveal many claw marks along the edges of this tunnel.

Derro CR 3 (10-15)

  1. Pit trap with net for capturing victims
  2. Guardroom 2 Derro
  3. Derro (2)
  4. Laboratory, Derro alchemist
  5. Leader Room.  Derro leader, bodyguard
  6. Derro Cave Druid, Medium spiders

Skum CR 2 (16-21)

  1. Pool room.  2 skum are lurking below the surface in the pool.  The stream flows to room 17.
  2. Leech Pool.  There is a leech swarm and a giant leach in this pool.  There is a skum in this room.
  3. Bone Room
  4. Skum thug
  5. Skum aquatic sorcerer
  6. Tiefling leader with skum guards

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Dragon's Lair in Photoshop

This is an update to my Dragon's Lair I posted in one of my first posts.  This one is rendered in Photoshop.